Galvanized Barbed Wire

Consists of two horizontal placed high tensile galvanized wires coming together and forming a twisted strand, fastened with another wire twisted perpendicularly to form the barb (prickle). The Iowa pattern consists of interlocking barbs ensuring no movement of barbs along the line wires. The barbs are evenly placed and tightly fastened for sturdier use.

Material: Low-carbon steel wire
Coating: Hot-dip galvanized (Zn)
Volume of Coating:: 40 – 270 g/m²
Barbs: 2
Wire Diameter: 1.90 mm / 2.00 mm / 2.20 mm / 2.50 mm
Barbs: 2 twisted line wires with 4 spikes
Barb wire diameter: 1.90 / 2.00 mm
Distance of barbs: 80 mm to 120 mm
Coil Weight: 18 – 20 kg
Quality Standard: TSE EN 10223-1


Areas of Use:
Can be used as a multiple strand fence, alternatively on top or bottom of fence wire or security walls.