We produce Commercial Galvanized Wire and Heavy Coated Galvanized Wire, diameters ranging from 1,60 mm to 4,20 mm, with a coating thickness of 40 -270 g/ m² according to clients’ needs. Our monthly production capacity is up to 1400 tons.

Material: Low Carbon Steel Wire
Coating: Hot Dip Galvanized (Zinc)
Diameter: 1,60 – 4,20 mm
Coating Thickness:: Commercial 40 – 80 g/m²
Heavy Coated 180 – 270 g/m²
Raw Material Grade: SAE 1006, SAE 1008
Tensile Strength: 400 – 700 N/mm²
Packaging: Rosette coil tied by galvanized steel straps.
Can be packed on wooden pallets for additional charge.
Coil Weight: 350 – 550 kg


We manage our production of hot-dip galvanized wire within the Turkish Standards Institute TSE EN 10244-2 and ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Systems.

Main Areas of Use:

Production of fence wires (netting), barbed wires, PVC coated wires, security panels, gabion cages, bucket handles, hangers, and nails, etc.