At Beytel, we build on our 20-year experience and expertise with every job. 

We produce a wide range of wire products for industrial, construction, and agricultural applications, including hot-dip galvanized wire, chain-linked fence, barbed wire, PVC coated wire, and stitching wire, all of which are produced according to the needs and requests of our clients.

We believe that to invest in labor is to invest in the future. We carry out our specific production by employing machinery and equipment, laboratories equipped with the highest technology, computer-supported production and best-measuring devices. Yet we value the traditional craftsmanship and expertise and believe it is essential for our success.

Beytel’s production facilities spread over 18.000 square meters in the Organized Industrial Zone in Antakya, allowing the production of 60.000 tons per year of hot dipped galvanized wire with our three hot dip galvanizing lines of 80 and 90 meters.

The process includes wire drawing, rolling, annealing and finally coating the wire with zinc to create a corrosion-resistant barrier, diameter, and coating thickness set according to clients’ needs.

Beytel’s manufacturing facility is expanding to meet the growing needs of the galvanized wire market. We have increased our production capacity by %300 Together with our third and newest hot-dip galvanizing line.

We highly prioritize quality standards, social responsibility, and environmental awareness. We manage all of our products within the Turkish Standards Institute and ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Systems.